Advertising Tips for 2019 by JW Maxx Solutions

JW Maxx Solutions founder Walter Halicki underlines that targeted clientele is the key. It’s no use wasting money on useless traffic if there is no conversion.

Most advertising professionals can tell other companies that almost 50% of there budget is wasted. With the right content, however, a firm could pay less and get a higher position.

For Facebook and Instagram, for instance, your fan base may be all over the world so again you need to geo-target as best possible. All ads should contain a strong call to action and linking it to a page with a live chat so the company can further enhance its efforts on conversions.

JW Maxx Solutions faces the same obstacles as the rest of the companies. The worst part is when dealing with unscrupulous companies offering a money back guarantee. This means after 90 days a credit card will not be able to be disputed in most cases.

Tracking your ads with analytics and proper A/B testing will surely help. The cost of PPC has skyrocketed with keywords that can cost over $100 per click or impression.

Therefore, follow these steps to increase your advertising campaign efficiency:

#1 Test multiple colors and verbiage on landing pages.

#2 Make sure to check the analytics so one can fine-tune its campaigns.

#3 Always be A/B testing to see which landing page is the best producer.

#4 Don’t overbid, a company can gradually increase there amounts in small increments.

#5 Make sure landing pages have a live chat option.

#6 Geo-target accordingly. Don’t waste money on useless traffic that won’t convert.

About JW Maxx Solutions

JW Maxx Solutions has been providing positive media solutions for a decade. It is headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, with offices in Latin and Central America. The company has focused initially on being an online reputation management firm providing corporate online reputation management. As of lately, it has also helped many firms with their advertising needs on Google Adwords, and Facebook and Instagram advertising.

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