Latest Investments & Wealth Institute Monitor Issue Featuring Thought Leaders in the Industry

Learn how and why advisors must evolve their practices from some of the leading thought leaders in the industry with these featured articles and authors from the latest Investments & Wealth Institute Monitor issue.

The January/February issue of the Investments & Wealth Institute’s® (formally IMCA) Investments & Wealth Monitor tackles challenges facing the financial industry by identifying disruptive trends.

Learn how and why advisors must evolve their practices from some of the leading thought leaders in the industry with these featured articles and authors from the current issue:

  • The Overlooked Persistence of Active Outperformance, Joseph Amato, Peter D’Onofrio, and Alessandra Rago
  • A Legal Perspective: The Misperception of Fiduciary Risk and Active Management in Defined Contribution Plans, Alison Douglass, J.D.
  • The Millennial Need for Financial Education, Alexandra Douwes and Logan McIntosh
  • Attributes of a Top-Performing Advisory Team: Why Some Advisory Teams Do More Business than Others, John Evans, Jr., Ed.D.
  • Is It Time to Tilt? Exploring a Fundamental Question in Factor Investing, Andrew Ang, PhD, Ked Hogan, Ph.D., and Justin Peterson
  • One Year Later: Asymmetrical Relationships for Investment Managers Are Over, Philip Kessler, J.D.
  • Alternative Investments: A Goals-Based Framework, Anthony B. Davidow, CIMA®
  • The Biggest Asset Managers Are Playing to Win. What Are the Rest Doing?, Steven Miyao
  • Are your Investments Aligned with your Organization’s Mission and Values?, Norman Nabhan, CIMA®
  • The Purposeful Advisory Firm: Maximize Your Firm by Design, Not by Default, John Anderson, Raef Lee, and Bob Veres
  • Actively Managed Funds Remain Appropriate Investment Options or 401(k) Plans, Stephen Saxon, J.D., and Jason Lee, J.D.
  • Connecting the Dots: Digitally Enhanced, Multi-Account Portfolio Advice Will Rule the Post-Robo World, Jack Sharry
  • Planning for a 100 Year LIfe, Andrew Scott, D.Phil.

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Established in 1985, the Investments & Wealth Institute, formerly known as IMCA, is a professional association, advanced education provider, and standards body for financial advisors, investment consultants, and wealth managers who embrace excellence and ethics. Through its publications, events, assessment-based certificate programs, and advanced certifications, the Institute delivers premier-quality, practical education to advanced practitioners in more than 38 countries.

The Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®) certification is the peak international, technical portfolio construction program for investment consultants, analysts, financial advisors and wealth management professionals. The CIMA program is distinctive as one of only a few global certifications in financial services to meet international accreditation and quality standards (ANSI/ISO 17024) for personnel certification programs. The Certified Private Wealth Advisor® (CPWA®) certification is an advanced professional certification for advisors who serve high-net-worth clients. It’s designed for seasoned professionals who seek the latest, most advanced knowledge and techniques to address the sophisticated needs of clients with a minimum net worth of $5 million. Unlike credentials that focus specifically on investing or financial planning, the CPWA program takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

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