New Security Module by RISC Networks to Ensure Better Security of IT Environments

RISC Networks have recently released their new Security Module, enhancements to Asset Discovery, and an upgraded dashboard for an enriched user experience.

RISC Networks is a world leader in discovery and IT analytics. They provide actionable information to help enterprise organizations plan and execute IT transformation projects.

RISC Networks’s newest addition, Security, fulfills a key piece of any IT transformation project. Users can be confident they are understanding the full picture of potential security threats. With the context of applications, business services, and departments, the Security Module pulls together the data of parallel systems into an actionable perspective.

The new security module, Balsam, will include:

  • Threat Levels & Reports
  • NIST & OVAL Integration
  • Geolocation
  • Identification of Connections to High Risk Areas and Anonymous Proxies
  • Centralized Reporting
  • Change Over Time

Integrations with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Center for Internet Security OVAL Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CIS OVAL CVE) enable the user to determine vulnerabilities on Linux packages. All incoming and outgoing internet connections are mapped geographically. This allows organizations to understand where their users are and if they are accessing their applications from high-risk areas or anonymous proxies.

The Security Module introduces a new page, focused on Threat data. Among other Security highlights, the page will include ways to rank and prioritize servers in the environment based on their behaviors. For example, internet connected servers that have existing software vulnerabilities on running packages are of higher priority.

Understanding and managing IT projects can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. The enhanced features around Asset Discovery and the upgraded dashboard are designed to save users time. RISC Networks does this by providing better insight into the distribution of devices in the network to present a clearer and more meaningful view of the entire network.

“The release of our new Security Module is intended to help users sift through the noise of their complex IT environments. Having all the data without any context around it leads to uninformed decisions and costly errors. We wanted to give our users better data to make faster decisions so they can be happier.”


– Zane Whitner, VP of Product at RISC Networks

On February 14, 2019, RISC Networks will host a Balsam Release Webinar.

About RISC Networks

RISC Networks is 100% independent, platform agnostic and self-funded since 2007. The RISC Networks vision is to unlock business potential by delivering more meaningful data analysis and providing information that helps IT leaders take immediate action. RISC Networks is the industry’s leader in cloud, data center and network operations analytics with more than 13,000 analytics engagements and hundreds of industry leading solution partners. The company is headquartered in Asheville, NC.

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