Infragistics’ Data Visualization Tool Offers Robust Features to Create Interactive Business Intelligence Reports

ReportPlus is an effective tool to bring all company data together and display it in one view.

The last 40 years have been called the Information Age for good reason. Data is all around, and growing exponentially. But information is only as useful as the ability to access, analyze and act on it. Infragistics, a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions that accelerate design, development, and collaboration, offers a data visualization tool that allows you to bring all your data together and display it in one view, ReportPlus.

There are two different ways to approach the self-service BI in ReportPlus. ReportPlus offers robust features to create, edit and share rich interactive reports and access data for desktop and mobile. For engineers from Japanese UX Company, 2ndFactory, ReportPlus has helped them walk a mile in their customers’ shoes to create better UX and custom dashboards.

  • Founder Koji Ozeki believes that IT should be considered a part of the services industry to ensure they provide a “comfortable experience for everyone, everywhere.” So to ensure the firm’s UX developers were creating applications that met users’ actual needs, he started both a fried chicken chain and summertime beach bar and sends his firm’s UX engineers there to get on-the-ground exposure.
  • They quickly learned that they had left out the needs of the restaurant management in the initial design of QOOpa, a cloud-based ordering management solution for the food and beverage industry, and had only thought of the aspect of taking orders from the restaurant customers.
  • To help visualize the data from multiple perspectives, they brought in ReportPlus, allowing restaurant managers to easily combine and present data sets. This allows them to see trends without having to write code, and to share the visualizations instantly across mobile devices, providing true self-service business intelligence.

Tokyo-based SuperStream, Inc. provides management framework software for global accounting and human resource management departments at more than 8,000 medium-to-large businesses. They took the other approach, choosing to buy embedded analytics.

  • SuperStream initially allotted 24 months to revamp their flagship product, SuperStream NX, aiming to provide one global instance for enterprise resource planning (ERP). But with the combination of the controls from Infragistics Ultimate UI for WPF, and integration of ReportPlus Embedded, SuperStream NX v2.0 launched six months ahead of schedule, with more features than initially conceived to help companies optimize their accounting and human resources management.
  • Now as they have robust BI data processing and graphic presentations to complement the grids and controls already built into the product. By embedding analytics, the new version of SuperStream-NX provides dashboard views of training materials, news, and details of the usage license.

To help new users get started with ReportPlus, Infragistics offers an analytics Dashboard Concierge Program. Customers can join the program during their product trial by completing a simple web form. Qualified participants will receive a 1-hour session with an Infragistics Dashboard Concierge to assist them with:

  • The basic concepts of ReportPlus
  • Connecting and leveraging popular Data Sources
  • Creating transforming visualizations and dashboards

And developer team leaders who are deciding if they want to build or buy their own can check the infographic decision tree to see if ReportPlus Embedded might be the best choice for them.

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Infragistics is a worldwide leader in providing tools and solutions to accelerate application design and development, insights and collaboration for any organization. More than two million developers use Infragistics enterprise-ready UX and UI toolkits to rapidly prototype and build high-performing applications for the Cloud, Web, Windows, iOS and Android devices. Infragistics Enterprise Mobility solutions ReportPlus and SharePlus, give business users the latest advancements in self-service business intelligence and collaboration software. Additionally, Infragistics offers expert UX Services and award-winning support.

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