Artificial Intelligence to Enable Predictive Models on Nucleus Analytics Business Intelligence Platform

Gravitate Solutions, the creators of the Nucleus data analytics platform, today announced a 100% client renewal rate since the product launched in 2016.

Nucleus is a powerful data analytics platform that’s built for every user and every organization. It connects and aggregates data from various sources and simplifies it by centralizing, blending, and displaying it so that staff can see the full picture of business performance in order to make more informed decisions. With an ever-growing list of integrations, Nucleus is eliminating data siloes by connecting and visualizing all technologies in one central platform.

Approaching its third year in production, Nucleus is gaining market share by impacting business decision-making at client sites. Most clients are expanding their implementations of Nucleus, and more than 50% of contracts are multi-year.

Launching this summer is a configurable Artificial Intelligence (AI) package that enables tunable predictive models to be applied to any Nucleus dataset. The Nucleus processing pipeline automatically refreshes model data and the results can be used in all existing Nucleus data visualizations and filters. The AI package complements the existing goal tracking feature to measure actual and predicted outcomes against configured goals. The Nucleus architecture stack includes a mature machine learning component and new capabilities will be continually released.

“Our mission is to enhance our clients’ everyday operations by providing a data platform that is easy for anyone to use in making more informed business decisions,” said Meg Ward, COO at Gravitate Solutions. “The renewal rate is a symptom of the value our clients receive through the platform’s simplicity, impact, and return on investment.”

Nucleus clients are saving time and money, from the conference hall to the C-suite and across every department, by leveraging Nucleus’ mobile, 24/7 access to insights.

“We now have real visibility into the behaviors and trends of our members, which is helping us direct and define new programming for them. We look forward to continuing to work with the Gravitate team to further refine our analysis and data visualizations so we can continue to make better business decisions.”


– Rob Miller, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Strategic Planning and Operations, at 340B Health

The Nucleus product renewal rate demonstrates high levels of client satisfaction which the company intends to bolster with the addition of more new features and packages planned for Q3 and beyond.

About Gravitate Solutions
Gravitate Solutions, is a leading provider of consulting services and data analytics. For more than ten years, Gravitate Solutions has created innovative solutions that address the business challenges unique to member-based organizations. In 2016 Gravitate launched Nucleus, a data analytics platform that aggregates data from disparate sources to provide a simple, cohesive view of business performance. The company has offices in Alexandria, VA and Springfield, MO.

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