BLR’s Workforce Learning and Development 2018 Conference to Take Place in Las Vegas In November

The nation’s top learning and employee engagement experts will reveal best practices for building a superior professional development program that supports business growth and workforce retention.

The growth of the global eLearning industry is expected to increase 11% by 2020, as companies continue to recognize the correlation between employee development opportunities and increased retention, improved workplace performance, and smoother business continuity in the face of turnover. To help employers address this critical need, BLR’s Workforce L&D 2018 conference to address the latest tactics and technologies for designing, implementing, and measuring learning programs for maximum ROI.

Additionally, attendees will:

  • Uncover the latest technologies available to support L&D initiatives, from augmented and virtual reality to gamification and more
  • Step-by-step guidance on developing new hire training curriculum assessments
  • Learn how to effectively assess your training needs to target exactly where you should invest time and resources to optimize your L&D efforts
  • Discover research-backed strategies for creating compelling training content that keeps your staff engaged and able to retain your message
  • Take away proven ROI formulas to help you sell your L&D investment to the C-suite
  • Hear how other high-performance companies are tackling project management road blocks, aligning SME priorities and closing feedback loops
  • Determine how to choose the right blended learning/modality framework to deliver formalized learning opportunities and support personal learning paths
  • And more!

“The learning and engagement experts at Workforce L&D will cover topics that are key to training, engagement, and retention,” says Patricia Trainor, JD, SPHR, vice president of content & events for BLR. “We’re working in a time where employees with access to training and development programs have the advantage over employees in other companies who are left to seek out training opportunities on their own (if they have time). The investment in training that a company makes shows employees they are valued and creates a supportive workplace. Employees who feel appreciated and challenged through training opportunities are far more likely to find their jobs satisfying and engaging.”

Workforce L&D 2018 takes place at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, on November 15-16.

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