The First Business Tech Expo in Texas Is Set to Take Place in Austin

At the Business Tech Expo that will be held on July 11-12, 2019, more than 3,000 business attendees will have the opportunity to explore and acquire business tech tools.

Business technology trade shows provide an avenue for both large and small businesses to explore new technologies and strategies, as well as expand their network to help their business grow. According to Statista, more than 30 percent of the largest conventions, expositions, and exhibitions in the United States had over 2,500 attendees, and only ten percent recorded less than 200 participants.

In 2016, Texas ranked first for capital investments in the United States. The following year, Austin was cited by the World Economic Forum as the number one city for technology in the world. This year, Texas ranks as the second best state for business and the number one for economic climate. Texas also lands the second spot for the most businesses registered in a state.

With this impressive data and in view of helping businesses grow while providing a platform for tech companies to showcase their innovative products or services, Business Tech Expo ( is set to take place in Austin, Tx. From July 11 to July 12, 2019. The event’s main objective is to offer Texas Enterprises, SMBs and Government an avenue where they can discover and gain technology tools showcased by Tech companies. This is seen to promote productivity, innovation, and efficiency in their business operations, allowing them to drive more profit and revenues.

Business Tech Expo is expected to benefit both visitors and exhibitors through the following:


  • Explore new technologies that will help your company become more productive
  • Acquire tech tools to help your company innovate and drive more profit
  • Build a wider network to make more people aware of your business

Exhibitors and Sponsors

  • Exhibit your products or services to reach more potential clients
  • Showcase your product’s unique features and help businesses achieve their goals

If you are looking for innovations and new technologies to help your company reach its goals, you may find this event useful. Tech Companies are likewise encouraged to attend this event to showcase their latest technologies that support businesses. This is a great opportunity for you to maximize your business’ potential. Learn how technology advancements can push your success forward and build a solid reputation for your company.

Business Tech Expo and Visit Austin Contact Details and Address:

106 E. 6th Street, Suite 900 Austin, TX 78701
(512) 322 3910

111 Congress Ave, Suite 700 Austin, TX 78701

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