A New eCommerce Platform for Legal Practices Delivered by Intuz in Partnership with a Californian Law Firm

The new digital platform will transform the traffic ticket dismissal process.

Expanding its roots to multiple industry domains, Intuz has recently partnered with a law and legal practices firm from California for transforming the traffic ticket dismissal help. The firm was looking forward to implement/adopt information technology for digitally expanding its business practices.

This law firm is one of the most popular civil and civic law practice firms based in the USA. The authority wanted to expand its services on digital platforms. Being easily approachable to their audience and at a wider geographic location with convenience, was the core objective.

To effectively meet the purpose, the most feasible solution was to develop an e-commerce platform which is a responsive web app. With this app, the citizens can easily submit their tickets, get strong case papers prepared by the Industry best lawyer to fight for dismissal of traffic tickets generated.

The proposed features of the platform are simplified communication, quick sharing, and processing of traffic tickets generated as well as other documents and ultimately producing and delivering defense document.

It will be a complete two-way communication enabled platform for citizens and the law firm which completely transform the manual work into digitalization. Thus, for the firm, it will bring in operational cost efficiency, eliminate repetitive meeting schedules and time consumption, no paper-work, and increased the productivity of resources.

On top of it, this solution is very much customer oriented unlike conventional methods of getting the defense document prepared. The citizens don’t need to schedule multiple meetings with a lawyer for each formality for getting the defense document done. Everything will be just a tap away on their mobile screens only. Moreover, it will educate the user on norms of traffic laws.

Intuz is growingly contributing the innovative solutions to multiple domains addressing their specific challenges and goals. For that cause, it is digitally transforming the industries by customizing existing technology leading concepts into industry-specific solutions.

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