elliTek Awarded the Golden Mousetrap for Invention of the Data Commander™

The Golden Mousetrap Awards recognize the best technology in the manufacturing industry.

Brandon Ellis, the owner of elliTek, Inc. has recently been awarded the Golden Mousetrap by Design News’ editors for his invention of the Data Commander™. Brandon’s approach to working smarter rather than harder resonates with his invention and his company.

Inspiration can strike anywhere. For Brandon Ellis, the owner of elliTek, Inc., his Ah-Ha moment occurred on a plant floor in a rural community in Tennessee. Brandon contemplated, “Why can’t we create a platform which empowers the plant floor engineer instead of continuing to require weeks of complex, custom programming on every project?” There must be a better way; hence, the Data Commander™ was born.

The need to move production data from the plant floor (Operational Technology or OT) to databases in the Information Technology (IT) level is insatiable. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has propelled factories into a new age of manufacturing. Manufacturing engineers are caught in the middle of this struggle to move data securely and quickly. Brandon invented the Data Commander™ with the manufacturing engineers in mind. The production engineer doesn’t need to be a data scientist or PLC programmer. A combination of proprietary hardware and software along with the point-&-click nature of the Data Commander™ removes complexities allowing secure implementation in minutes versus days.

Earlier this year in Anaheim, Brandon’s inspiration and innovation paid off by winning the Golden Mousetrap Award in the Design Hardware & Software category. The Golden Mousetrap Awards acknowledge and recognize people, companies, and technologies who are driving innovation in design, engineering, and manufacturing. Design News’ editors selected the best in the level of innovation, benefits to the user, and market differentiation.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Design News,” said Brandon Ellis, inventor of the Data Commander™. “The Data Commander is empowering manufacturing process engineers to be self-sufficient and to work smarter rather than harder.”

Read more about the Golden Mousetrap Award Finalists and Winner on www.designnews.com.

About elliTek, Inc.
elliTek, Inc. is an established systems integration company with an expertise in motion control and automated machine design and has earned a reputation for providing solutions allowing different control platforms to “talk” to each other through the sharing of data. This area of expertise placed us among some of the first to realize the value of the M2M (machine to machine) movement in the world of the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). We are leading the way with new and exciting products and services which bridge the gaps between today’s machine control platforms and enterprise-level database server platforms. By placing emphasis on the user experience, and then applying technology to make that experience as satisfying as possible, the data products and services we provide are quickly becoming an industry standard. To learn more about our products and services, please visit us at www.ellitek.com.

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