ODONATA to Elevate Business Communications and Purposeful Branding

Together with ODONATA, businesses can create a net positive impact on our world for all corporations, municipalities and NGOs.

ODONATA (The Power of Purpose) has recently launched its new platform to elevate business communications and “purposeful branding” to thrive in the information age and new circular economy, states Chief Sustainability Officer and Founder David P. Podmayersky.

The launch is propelled by over 20 years of comprehensive development at their sister company, Intelligence Consulting Group with the successful implementation of the program by many Fortune 500 companies. Responsible corporations have enthusiastically embraced the in-depth nature of the program backed by meaningful KPIs (Key Process Indicators) and transparency to act as a catalyst for change throughout the organization and its supply chains.

ODONATA is really excited to be able to offer the program to organizations interested in creating sustainable brands along with their supply chain partners. They integrate their clients into the new economy and drive revenue growth while preserving our beautiful planet and implementing social justice.

Now more businesses can take advantage of this powerful platform, together with ODONATA’s they can create a net positive impact on our world for all corporations, municipalities and NGOs. Corporations can thrive economically, take care of our citizens and leave the earth better than when we inherited it. Many generations to come will benefit from bold, decisive action.

ODONATA’s model looks at all aspects of what drives a corporation and the products and services that it provides. Everything from corporate governance to product development, market positioning and messaging is being re-invented. Triple bottom-line analysis lets a company run on a much higher plane with a three-dimensional set of data and metadata to drive their performance forward.

The programs developed at ODONATA have won more than a dozen national awards from customers, ENGOs (Environmental Non-Governmental Agencies) and governmental agencies and has been recognized as a thought leader for more than a decade.


Based in Lafayette, NJ, ODONATA is a comprehensive sustainable development and communications company enhancing the value and revenue-generation opportunities for corporations in all sectors and scales in the economy.

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