Focus on Online Reputation Management, a Survey by ReviewInc Says

According to the survey results, review sites have overwhelmingly the most influence when choosing products or services.

ReviewInc has completed their annual survey (for the 5th year) of over 15,000 US consumers and asked the holy grail of all business reputation questions: what is most important when choosing a service or professional? The results are in, and once again, review sites have overwhelmingly the most influence when choosing products or services.

The latest report shows that between media advertising (7.9%), online advertisement (9.6%), traditional Yellow Pages (10.1%) the company’s website (21.9%), and “other” (9.6%), reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites dominated with 40.9% of the purchase decision influence. Each respondent was provided with a multiple-choice list from which they could only chose ONE answer—to determine which area had the MOST influence.

“In this year’s result,” says Ron Laughton, CEO of ReviewInc, “review sites again topped the list for the most influential components. The company has conducted the same survey for five consecutive years—the value of online reviews has increased by over 19% since 2014.”

It is interesting to note, that the trend for females relying on review sites versus males has increased 7% from 2017 to 2018. It is also notable that the influence between age groups has shifted substantially, with the biggest drop in online reviews occurring between 18-24 years (from 51.1% in 2017 down to 38% influence in 2018)—suggesting new trends favoring social media rather than traditional review sites.

“This new survey is valuable for every product and service businesses to know where their ad spend can produce the greatest return,” says Henri Isenberg, COO. “It appears that investing in getting more online reviews should prove the most valuable.”

A copy of this report, “Best Advertising Channel 2018” can be found here.

About ReviewInc.

Founded in 2012, ReviewInc’s Reputation Management Software helps your business get more reviews, manage your existing reviews, and automate review marketing campaigns. It also monitors the most review sites in the industry ensuring you never miss a review so can easily manage your online business reputation. ReviewInc is located in Woodland Hills, CA. Leadership includes the author of Norton Utilities, a Sr VP at Motorola, and the co-author of FIX Protocol. More information about ReviewInc can be found at

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