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Each year hundreds of thousands of custom bumper stickers are printed and sold. It’s amazing how a branding tool that started in the mid-1900s is still a popular marketing tool to this day. Custom bumper stickers are still some of the best branding tools that a business can produce, whether you’re a small business with only a few employees or a Fortune 500 company. If you print a great bumper sticker, it won’t be hard to find someone who will want to stick it on the car, computer, bag, or anywhere else.

What makes custom Window Stickers a great marketing tool is that people will stick them to their cars or other items and leave them there for extended periods of time. Political bumper stickers are great examples of this. Many people still have political bumper stickers on their cars from elections that were held decades ago. Whether or not it’s because they still like the candidate or because they just haven’t got around to taking it off their car, the fact of the matter is that they are still branding those people to this day. This can work to a political candidate’s advantage even if they are no longer running for that particular office anymore.

The same is true for a variety of business custom bumper stickers as well. If people find a bumper sticker that they like, then they’ll keep it on their car or another personal item for years to come. It becomes a part of their personality as well, which inadvertently provides additional advertising for your business for years to come.

Today’s custom stickers are designed to last as well. You won’t have to worry about your stickers fading into an unreadable mess in the weather. Sticker printing has evolved over the past several years and today’s stickers are waterproof and UV resistant. This ensures that not only does the sticker last, but that your message will be readable and visible to all who see it for years to come. A quality bumper sticker should last for at least three years, no matter what conditions they are exposed to.

Another great aspect of using stickers as a marketing tool is that they are cheap. You can have hundreds of stickers printed for a very low price, which enables you to print enough that they can be handed out no matter where you go to promote your business. Stickers are also small enough that you can always have some around when the opportunity to advertise your business arises. Keep them in a computer bag, briefcase, or car and you’ll always be prepared to hand them out to interested parties.

Custom bumper stickers can be likened to the business card of today. Business cards will always be valuable networking and marketing tools, but custom stickers allow you to expand your marketing reach even further. They can become a permanent or temporary fixation to the car, computer, window, or building they are fixated to. They are designed to last for years without peeling or fading to ensure that your stickers will always be spreading your marketing message, no matter where they are placed.

Whether you’re an established business or a new business with a small marketing budget, custom bumper stickers are an affordable way to advertise and spread your message. Hand them out to anyone and every one and you’ll enjoy one of the oldest forms of outdoor marketing for years to come.

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