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Founded in 1993 to provide a single customer with a Brisbane distribution depot, Specialised Logistics Australia, (SLA) has had rapid and continuous expansion allowing us to specialise in third party logistics.

SLA is now strategically positioned to provide dozens of interstate freight companies, importers and local manufacturers comprehensive warehousing and distribution support.

For many companies, finding a much needed centralised storage area can be a costly affair that eats into profits and this is where Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) can help. We provide cost effective, fully-managed storage solutions to freight companies, importers, and local manufacturers by giving them access to our modern, Brisbane-based, Carole Park warehouse.

Brisbane Warehousing:

As your 3PL provider in Brisbane and South East Queensland, SLA offers a fully managed solution to both short and long term warehousing requirements and is able to offer a customised solution for each situation.

  • Full undercover facility for unloading and de-stuffing
  • Racked and block-stacked storage
  • On demand stock control reports
  • Picking, packing and labelling
  • Container cartage
  • Container de-stuffing (both palletised and loose)
  • Palletising and shrinkwrapping

Warehousing solutions

Unless you own your own warehouse, storage solutions don’t come cheap. With warehouse space in the Brisbane area costing up to $125 per square meter it can amount to a serious amount of cash that’s going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Here at Specialised Logistics Australia (SLA) we solve that problem by providing a cost-effective way of maintaining a centralised storage hub, therefore enabling you to have your goods delivered quickly and efficiently, thus meeting the ever increasing demands of your suppliers.

Commercial warehousing

If you need centralised warehouse and storage space to aid distribution in Brisbane then unless you own your own warehouse, it can be very expensive. In fact by the time you’ve paid for your facility, staff costs, utilities, and general outgoings, there’s a strong chance that it’s going to eat deep into your overall profits. This is where Specialised Logistics Australia come in. By outsourcing all of your commercial storage needs to us, you can save both time and money.

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Carole ParkAustralia,QLD 4300 +61 7 3879 3500 http://www.specialisedlogistics.com.au/

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