M1 Data & Analytics Offers New Solution for Marketers to Identify Consumers Visiting Locations

LocationIQ empowers marketing teams by identifying consumers who visit locations returning full contact and demographic information.

LocationIQ is a new solution that gives marketing agencies and brands of all sizes – the ability to identify consumers who are visiting physical locations.

This identification successfully provides full consumer contact and demographic information. 300+ attributes on the consumer are provided including name, postal address, email address, home ownership, vehicle ownership, income, political party, and much more.

LocationIQ is being used successfully in many use cases today:

  • Create location-based audiences based on visits to a specific place, brand or category.
  • Attribute advertising performance by knowing which campaigns drove traffic in-store.
  • Run conquesting campaigns to data sets that visit competitors’ stores.

“Marketers today are getting more data than ever, and location is the key element that turns existing data into actionable insights that adds value to any marketing strategy. Not only is location the anchor for data-driven marketing, but it helps shape an intrinsic emotional bond between a consumer and their experience with a brand.”


– MartechAdvisor.com, June 2019

“LocationIQ is often compared to other solutions that have been around for years that are digital display re-targeting in nature, the differences are night and day,” says Russell Gentry, CEO of M1 Data & Analytics. “The most exciting difference is that LocationIQ provides marketing teams with full consumer information which allows for data teams to market to consumers in a more relevant manner using content that is more applicable to them and not a batch approach,” continues Gentry.

Marcus Lemonis, Star of the CNBC TV Show “The Profit” says, “If you aren’t evolving, you are dying.” Lemonis has successfully used LocationIQ in many of his companies and has worked closely with Gentry to build out a custom version of another data solution called ProfitPiXL.

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