B2B Business Discovery Made Simpler with the Launch of Koble 2.0

Koble, a business-to-business discovery platform, has announced the launch of Koble 2.0 for iPhone and Android. More than 11 million business pages are now publicly visible in the U.S. for those using the Koble mobile app.

With Koble 2.0, finding the right small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to do business with as a fellow SMB or global corporation becomes as simple as a swipe of the thumb.

SEO-optimized Koble Pages allow businesses to gain unrivaled visibility online within a trusted community B2B companies. The publicly-visible business pages provide enterprise buyers with useful information on potential suppliers or vendors such as ratings and reviews, financials, and links to relevant contacts and information. Companies can easily browse through thousands of prospects while receiving alerts and real-time activity updates through the new Koble Chat feature.

“With the launch of 2.0, Koble has become an even greater B2B resource for both SMBs that report finding new business as their biggest day-to-day challenge and corporations diversifying their supply chains,” said Fabrice Saporito, Founder and CEO of Koble. “Businesses on Koble now have unrivaled search engine visibility alongside the ability to easily gather reviews from their SMB peers and large buyers alike. Just as consumers seek pre-purchase reviews today, it’s clear that businesses are demanding a crowdsourced comparison platform of B2B services and products, and we believe Koble is best positioned to be that platform.”

Nearly half of U.S. small businesses don’t have a website. On Koble Pages, users can increase their business’ search engine optimization without needing the technical know-how for building a website. SMB owners can easily create or claim their Koble page with the tap of their smartphone. In addition, Koble Chat allows page visitors to start anonymous conversations with potential business matches. Visitors are twice as likely to reach out with this tool and start a conversation, leading to more frequent and lucrative business connections.

Fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, Oracle and Harley Davidson actively use Koble to identify and engage with prospective suppliers among the thousands of SMBs on the platform. In addition, through an exclusive Asia-wide partnership with Axiata Business Services Sdn. Bhd., (Xpand), Koble also has a rapidly growing number of SMBs and large corporations in Southeast Asia using the Koble platform to do business domestically and across borders with those in the U.S. and beyond. Malaysian businesses currently have more than 300,000 Koble Pages and that number is expected to grow rapidly with the launch of Koble 2.0.

Join the Koble business community through the Koble application, which is available for free in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store. The Koble 2.0 desktop and mobile web version will launch in the coming weeks.

About Koble

Koble is a B2B business discovery platform which is changing the way companies uncover business opportunities and connect. The information-rich Koble company pages provide enterprise buyers with a worldwide directory of suppliers ready to do business. Innovative AI technology encourages instant conversations with potential buyers and suppliers while providing insights and alerts on profile matches and pageviews. The Koble platform is dedicated to helping small and medium enterprises own a high traffic, prime digital asset at no cost. Founded in 2015, Koble is proud to already have companies from more than 40 countries on board.

For more information, visit https://koble.com. The Koble portfolio includes Koble Pages and Koble Chat.

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