BitDam’s Content Security Solution Allows Secure Enterprise Collaboration across Channels

BitDam, provider of cybersecurity solutions that protect enterprise communications from advanced content-borne threats, has announced the latest release of the company’s flagship solution that protects organizations from attacks delivered via cloud storage, and email, BitDam version 3.0.

With this newest version, BitDam reinforces its cybersecurity market-leading position as an Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provider, with support for cloud storage services such as OneDrive, SharePoint G-Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Delivering unmatched malware detection rates, BitDam 3.0 protects both files and URLs, making it safer for organizations to collaborate internally and externally over email as well as cloud storage.

While cloud storage has become a fundamental collaboration tool for individuals and organizations, only a handful of cybersecurity solutions cover this communication channel. This makes cloud storage a valid entry point for advanced attacks, typically not detected by current cloud storage-focused cybersecurity solutions. BitDam 3.0 bridges this gap by detecting malware of any type in files and URLs, pre-delivery, to ensure that end users access only legitimate files.

“This achievement increases our users’ confidence in content that others share with them, and significantly reduces the risk of organizations becoming advanced attack victims. With BitDam 3.0, organization security teams, as well as end-users, do not have to worry about the implications of their next click,” said company Co-Founder and CEO Liron Barak. “Looking forward, we will not rest on our laurels; we are currently working on expanding into additional channels such as Instant Messaging. BitDam is leading the way in helping restore confidence in interacting with incoming data.”

About BitDam

Showing unprecedented detection rates, BitDam cybersecurity blocks advanced content-borne attacks across all enterprise communication channels, empowering organizations to collaborate safely. Our cloud-based solution proactively detects attacks, pre-delivery, preventing hardware and logical exploits, ransomware, spear-phishing and Zero-Day attacks contained in files and/or URLs. While current cybersecurity solutions are based on knowledge of previous attacks, limiting their ability to detect unknown attacks, BitDam’s unique attack-agnostic technology enables it to provide remarkably higher protection. BitDam learns the normal code-level executions of business applications such as MS-Word and Acrobat Reader. Based on this whitelist, BitDam determines whether a given file or link is malicious or not, regardless of the specific attack it may contain. Protecting hundreds of thousands of mailboxes, BitDam’s Advanced Threat Protection is used by leading organizations in Europe and the US, with a proven record of detecting threats that other security solutions fail to uncover.

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