Contract Logix Launches a New Product to Help Businesses Securely Minimize Their Contracting Risk

One of the longest-tenured players in the CLM marketplace, and one of the industry’s true pioneers, Contract Logix has reimaged and rearchitected its product line in contract lifecycle management (CLM) from the ground up, utilizing the most modern, state-of-the-art technologies in the process.

Designed with ease-of-use and maximizing user adoption in mind, the new products leverage the company’s 12 years of experience helping businesses identify and minimize the amount of risk inherent in their contracts. The software helps professionals responsible for drafting, negotiating, approving, and managing contracts avoid:

  •     Missed Renewal & Expiration Dates
  •     Lack of Compliance and Governance
  •     Broken Contractual Obligations
  •     Unauthorized Data Access

“With the launch of our new product line we’ve leveraged what we’ve learned over our long history to provide contract management software that’s extremely easy to adopt by everyday business users. But more importantly we’ve leveraged everything we’ve learned over that time about mitigating contract risk and built it into these products that can be accessed anytime and anywhere via all of today’s modern browsers and devices. Around our offices we like to say, ‘Your Risk Stops Here!’”


– Contract Logix CEO, Rick Ralston

The Express product provides a secure central repository to store and manage data on contracts, contacts, and organizations, as well as all the documents associated with them. It also enables tasks and reminder alerts, so companies never miss an important contractual deadline, as well as reports and dashboards to keep track of contracts.

The Premium product provides all the capabilities and benefits of Express, plus complete contract lifecycle management, including: contract authoring, negotiation/redlining, approvals, and execution. It even allows users without full system access to request or submit contracts. Finally, it offers powerful reports and dashboards to help analyze the performance of a company’s contracting processes.

About Contract Logix

Since 2006 Contract Logix has been an innovator and provider of contract lifecycle management software. Leveraging the knowledge gained over our many years in the industry, we deliver products that are easy for everyday business users to adopt, yet powerful and secure enough to help them minimize the legal, financial, and brand risk inherent in their contracts. Our products enable professionals in the legal, administrative, procurement, finance, and sales operations electronically draft, negotiate, approve, execute, and manage their contracts. With Contract Logix your risk stops here.

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