Volute to Launch the Data Wheel in Partnership with Financial Times | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

As part of the new customised executive education programme, Volute’s tool will be used by the students to craft a unique action plan, fostering experiential, applied and active learning.

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance develops customised executive education programmes for its global clients. Because innovation is a by-product of a company’s culture, in its programme design FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance needs to know the scale of a client’s appetite to innovate. Some diagnosing questions might include:

1) How does a company deal with new ideas?
2) Do processes exist for staff to bring forth new ideas?
3) Does staff understand how funding is appropriated for such?

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance uses a measurement tool called InnoQuotient owned by Dícere Global. InnoQuotient measures a company’s culture for invention. It is based on the research from Dr Jay Rao of Babson College, an entrepreneurial business school. By surveying employees, the Innovation Survey (InnoQuotient) provides three types of measurements:

1) an Innovation Index score
2) a benchmark score against similar industries
3) a detailed mapping by a variety of factors

Many organisations create, commission or purchase valuable reports. But what happens when the value is lost simply due to competing demands for employee attention? One of the problems with big data is well…it’s big, which makes it hard to spot the interesting bits. So, is there a way to turn all that useful data into actions that lead to business improvements?

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance thinks so. Focused on learning programmes, it strives to connect executive education with practical applications. In this case, how could it help its clients improve the likelihood to innovate by deploying the InnoQuotient survey?

It realised that for its clients to improve their innovation culture and allow ideas to flourish, the learners (aka clients’ employees) needed a way to make the data of the report come alive for each learner.

It wanted an interactive visualisation so that each learner could discover key information to act upon. It approached Volute to build out its vision for the Data Wheel. The Data Wheel is a dynamic visualization that pulls out relevant data, allowing an employee to filter just the right information at just the right moment it would be of value.

Now that the data was liberated from a dense report, the Data Wheel could sit inside a Volute learning activity. Volute learning activities are a combination of diverse learning tools, like the Data Wheel, that foster experiential, applied and active learning. This allows FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance to create activities that ask learners / employees to use the Wheel to craft a unique action plan.

Volute is a new EdTech option that is pioneering digital learning with a global network of smart, connected learning tools. The network is a new education sharing economy where thought leaders publish their unique L&D methods as interactive tools for digital learning.

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is a joint venture between Financial Times and IE Business School. It combines world-renowned business journalists, academics and a global network of educators to co-create customised corporate learning programmes for companies looking to solve operational and strategic challenges. http://www.ftiecla.com

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