Limestats Launches New Website to Help Businesses Gather Data on Product Research and Competitor Statistics

Limestats takes a data-driven approach to analyzing the e-commerce marketplace.

Limestats takes a data-driven approach to analyzing the e-commerce marketplace. Through the innovative software, businesses can track their competitors’ products, revenue, sold, and conversion rates all at the click of a button. Leveraging hundreds of proprietary algorithms coupled with a sophisticated infrastructure, the software enables customers to experience product level insights.

“Creating a profitable eBay research tool is no easy feat. You have to constantly be on top of what’s new. With our data mining software, we can help businesses stay on top of the market by keeping tabs on both their competitors and other product research,” said Kevin Yu, Co-Founder

By enabling businesses to find their competitors’ hot items and top-selling products, Limestats gives its users a new way to stay on top of the market and their competition. “Most software systems only offer product research,” explains co-founder Michael Chen. “By providing insight on competitors, we give our clients the edge they need for eBay marketplace research.”

Co-founder and UCLA graduate, Michael Chen, has an extensive background in e-commerce, while his business partner Kevin Yu, graduate of USC, specializes in Web Development. “We consider Limestats to be the best resource for data-driven competitor research,” shared Mr. Chen. “It handles the heavy-lifting on big data analytics, a pain point for many ecommerce sellers.”

Not only does Limestats offer innovative software that’s different from typical market research services, but they also utilize a team of e-commerce experts who understand eBay product research. “Our clients tell us it is one of the most helpful eBay softwares in the space,” says Mr. Yu. “Limestats has helped eBay sellers take their business to the next level.”

Michael Chen has personal experience in the world of eBay sales with over $1.5 million sold on eBay and has worked as an E-commerce Manager for multi-million-dollar corporations. Kevin Yu has worked to developed a website and CRM for the largest dental corporation in the US.

Both Chen and Yu have over 10 years of experience in their fields and spent up to three years perfecting the software. “We wanted to create a software that gave actionable insight into businesses competition,” explained Kevin Yu. “Developing and designing the perfect software solution for our clients was important to us and we wanted to make sure we got it right.”

“We’ve created the most helpful eBay software in the space,” said Michael Chen. “With our software, you’re getting the best data-driven product research that can help take your business to the next level.”

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