NYC Video Pros to Offer Strategy Playbook on Corporate Video Production

The new resource has been specifically designed for helping organizations leverage video production.

Representatives with New York-based NYC Video Pros announced last week that it had released a strategy playbook on corporate video production called Video101 Playbook, which is now available to anyone who needs it.

“Whether you’re starting to plan your first corporate video production, or looking to build on the organization’s previous efforts, the Video101 Playbook has you covered with everything to consider as you go through the process from concept through development,” a company spokesman for NYC Video Pros said.

The company spokesperson went on to explain that the Video101 Playbook covers important topics that marketing professionals need to consider for every corporate video project. Those topics include: Where to start with producing video; What’s the best setting for a video project; The various aspects of your story; What details to cover during the planning stages, and more.

The release of the Video101 Playbook comes on the heels of NYC Video Pros’ 12th year anniversary and falls directly in line with its initial goal of helping clients leverage media.

NYC Video Pros has evolved from a startup focused on producing corporate podcasts into a turnkey partner in media production, working across a range of industries and sectors, including but not limited to finance, consumer goods, defense, legal, and education. In addition, the company has expanded its offerings to help clients identify and integrate unique turnkey corporate theatre solutions including full service event production.

As for what makes NYC Video Pros different from everyone else in the industry it’s service and experience. It’s building on those qualities that the organization invites anyone looking to create their first corporate video production, or looking to build on their organization’s previous efforts, to get a copy of the Video101 Playbook. The company spokesperson shared that the Playbook is a wealth of knowledge based on over a decade of experience working with organizations to produce corporate video content.

About NYC Video Pros

We are a leading video production company in New York City. Video production runs in our blood. It’s in our DNA. We have vast experiences from shooting NYC Video Productions on-site to working in-studio to help organizations of all kinds and sizes produce high quality video content. Our experienced team is dedicated to producing corporate video productions with the utmost in professionalism, and a keen eye on the bottom line to ensure that our solutions are affordable and can be scaled to meet the needs of the smallest projects, to the largest productions. Our approach is simple; you talk, we listen; our corporate video production solutions are client-driven, and personalized based on the specific needs of your project.

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