Bwanaz to Open Its First Warehouse in Europe in 2018

An already established wholesaling platform in the United States will be expanding into Europe to benefit from the booming market of online retail.

The grand opening of first warehouse of online only wholesale platform Bwanaz will be happening in 2018 in Europe. Company is really excited toward the new and innovative move and is really looking forward to explore opportunities coming along in this state of the art new warehouse. This would be a great opportunity for all of the customers in the States and Europe to trade directly with low turnaround and shipping time to the destination from the factories and importers & exporters. This would also be a great opportunity for retailers to purchase directly from our suppliers and sell it to the end consumers.

Mr. Koen Koolen, (Manager Europe Warehouse in Netherlands) added, “Bwanaz has been offering great service to the community selling and has a great footprint in the market. We have been actively willing to work with all of the marketplaces to make our venture successful.”

Bwanaz has been in business for a while and will be able to compete with the emerging markets and also be able to cater the demands of the competitive nature of the online e-commerce. With the already established research and development strategies and access to funding, it will be very easy to manage all of the aspects of the new venture.

Europe is a great opportunity for the company to explore & expand in the online retail and earn a great return on the investments for our business members. With the requirements of shipping from the warehouse, we will have competitive edge on the delivery of the products to both American and European markets. We have had already tremendous growth in adaptation by the small retailers. We have always been able to offer great platform for high margin products, niche products and competitive prices. We look forward to welcome everyone aboard and make it a great experience.

About Bwanaz:, after its tremendous success as the #1 online wholesale platform, is planning to launch its first warehouse in Europe. This wholesale platform is aimed for sellers, importers and factories who may register to sell their products or services to retailers in the United States. offers 100% free membership for buyers and small retailers in States.

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